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The web/website builder development service you can expect from the experts at Chalk n’ Cheese includes full functionality, easy navigation, and robust structuring; we make it our business to ensure your website works hard for your business. You no longer need to pick from a limited range of templates; our website designers tailor a bespoke website every time that specifically targets the unique needs of your business. When it comes to custom websites, powerful e-commerce website design NZ, and advanced customer experience-driven adventures online, Chalk n’ Cheese have you covered. Our strategies are imaginative, creative, business-focused, and our skillset includes a broad range of tech disciplines that approach from all the right angles. Our results-driven technique and easy processes ensure your business gets the best website design for your dollar, and we cater to all sizes, from the one-woman band to the corporate giant. Come to us now for a website that is guaranteed to grow your brand online.


Why Does Your Business Need Web/custom website Development?

Your website is your digital shopfront, it’s like an extra doorway for your customers! We are all using our fingertips to get places faster, to discover new things, and to shop – like you are browsing website builder Auckland companies right now. 

An underdeveloped web presence – or a presence that doesn’t reflect your intrinsic value – may send you to the back of the line when customers are looking to spend. You need a website builder that provides an open door and a clear directive, this means hiring the right team for your web development process. With the right website builder, you can easily reach, guide, and serve your valued clients. A polished site that aligns with your message is paramount, you need to be reaching out with SEO Copy that reads well, and your images need to tell your story quickly and clearly. Our team for web development Auckland services work to add value to your brand and draw your people in, at Chalk n’ Cheese we are ready to throw open the digital door to your company and lay down the welcome mat.

the types of  websites we focus on

custom website development that works

Lead generation focused websites

Utilising data, common sense, and a touch of creativity, we build websites that generate leads. Our website development team devises smart automations across your site that streamline your lead generation and sales process.

Ecommerce sales driven websites

Website speed, smart user experience, and flexibility to easily add on features are our go-to when it comes to building ecommerce websites. All our ecommerce sites come ready to plug in and play on new zealand’s largest marketing channels.

small bespoke custom crm solutions

From small custom CRM systems through to hybrid websites serving both for lead generation and sales, talk to us about your ideas and we'll let you know what is logically possible.

Based on 90 reviews
Jana Hands
Jana Hands
Highly recommend, great communication and they are always there when I need help! Love my website they designed for me, easy to use and beautifully designed.
Sarah Yates
Sarah Yates
Have been our website provider for years. Excellent people to deal with and very prompt. Highly recommend
Darren Paewai
Darren Paewai
Awesome company to work with especially Conrad. He's a top man!
siyin qian
siyin qian
fast response, reasonable price. friendly team. efficient marketing service
We had a site designed by Chalk n Cheese in late 2022. They were easy and accomodating to deal with. We couldn't be happier with the result and have had lots of positive comments from our friends and clients alike.
Vanessa Jenkins
Vanessa Jenkins
Great website design company. I was very pleased with everything and the communication was great. Highly recommend!!
Martin Rotteveel
Martin Rotteveel
I have worked with the team from Chalk n Cheese for 4 months now and have held off writing a review to ascertain consistency in service and the difference their work has made to our business. We have spent millions over the years in website development but especially on Google Adwords and Social Media. The difference the team at Chalk n Cheese have made to our business so far has been very noticeable and we are so pleased we made the change and put our business in their capable hands. Chalk n Cheese is focused on solutions and a breath of fresh air compared to previous providers. Communication with the team is seamless, speedy and results driven. I could go on but I'd like to say I am grateful working with a team of this calibre of professionalism. Feel free to call me for a reference on 021506789.
Lou Fisher
Lou Fisher
These guys where amazing to deal with! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a awesome website 👌 Fast replying!..which is a huge thing for me, as I needed it done asap.
Crawford Dickson
Crawford Dickson
i am a novice at on line selling, even setting up a page was well to say the least daunting. The staff at chalk n cheese ,right from the very start, took amazing care and guidance in developing the web site making sure i was happy with the content and the finished product. To any one starting out ,or a refresh to an existing site you will not regret contacting chalk n cheese. With on going support thank you to every one who made this a reality.
Stacey Grant
Stacey Grant
Helpful service, fast replies and friendly staff! Can’t ask for any better

our website development platforms of choice.

With over 200 projects under our belt in 3 years, we’ve aligned our custom website development skills with 2 of the largest and best website CMS platforms in the world. We utilise the strengths of both of these – depending on our clients’ needs.


Being an open-source CMS platform, WordPress allows you to fully customise your design and functionalities with almost limitless possibilities.
 It could probably even make your coffee if you wanted it to! Unlike Shopify, WordPress is hosted on a local server, so enormous traffic spikes are a no-go.
learn more.

shopify development

Handling some of the biggest online stores in the world, we believe that Shopify is the best solution for online retail.
 It’s not as customisable as WordPress, but Shopify’s platform is hosted on your own environment and can handle a limitless surge in traffic spikes; this makes it ideal for retail promos
learn more.

Our Web/Custom Website Development & Builder Process

Chalk n’ Cheese web development Auckland team stands out from the rest by offering website builder services that are transparent, competitively priced, and that produce real SEO results for your business. Custom website development Auckland sector comes at you with a lot of jargon, we like to cut through the tech-speak and offer you a web development process that is simple to understand. 

When our web development Auckland office begins building your online storefront we begin by building a ‘sitemap’, this is a great jumping-off point to allow you to see what’s possible – and be sure we are capturing your vision. Once we know we are all on the same page the fun starts. Our website development Auckland team love to see your favourite images and help you pick what will work best, then we create the copy (that’s a fancy word for, well, words!) for your site. After the visual stuff is out of the way you can relax while we work under the hood towards launching a user-friendly online presence for your business. Chalk n’ Cheese is custom website development Auckland company that keeps you in the loop.


We mix data, strategy, creativity, and web development to create a website experience designed to get your customers to take action. Our biggest point of difference is our ability to see beyond just the design and development. We can pinpoint the different types of ad platforms that will push relevant visitors to the website and the experience that these users will need to convert into a customer.

GVC Screenshot Template – 3 Chalk n Cheese Digital April 5, 2021

our website development process.

The process of building a website is not always a straightforward journey. Each development phase takes time and testing. Every build is bespoke based on the type of website you want, the resources required, and the amount of code we need to write to make it all work.

Planning a sitemap

Every website starts with research and a plan. This allows us to begin building a wireframe or sitemap.
 This is a vision for the site that gives us a place to start from. Like a business plan, we take into account your goals and what functionalities you need from your site. A sitemap gives the developer and designer an idea of your ultimate goal and the information needed to formulate that vision.

creative content creation

Usually the longest part of the process - and the most important! The text on your site must be perfectly aligned with your values and desired messaging.
Because we build user experience-focused websites, our designs are focused on precisely relaying your desired message to your customers, and we use words to engage your customer, always enticing them to take action.

setting up the framework

This is the stuff that you can’t see that supports all the pretty pictures and the layout of your website.
Once they’ve read the brief and content to understand your performance and functionality needs, our expert web development team will start building the framework and platform to present to you for the design concept stage.

design concept

The design concept determines the look of your website.
This is where we target your audience by implementing elements like brand logos, colours, and visual style to help strengthen your identity across your website. A ux web digital designer will create a prototype design mostly in JPG images and make the final decision on the visuals once you have gone through the mock-ups of the site and given your approval.

completion development

Now all the hard work on your end is done, and you can sit back and relax while we go ahead and develop the rest of your website pages.
This process depends on the size of your website, but would usually take 10 to 20 business days. Once all the pages have been implemented, they are sent to you for feedback.

launch & on page seo implementation

Now that all the pages are done, and the site is live, we do a clean-up of the back end to get rid of any unnecessary code so that your website runs at optimal speed.
We tidy up the mobile responsive elements of the site, then we allow Google to start indexing the site. A key offering from Chalk n’ Cheese is basic on-page SEO - so that your site has the best chance of appearing on Google.

Custom website development

Take advantage of a website that was built just for you! Cookie cutter websites rarely have all the features that every single business needs and can feel clunky or are missing some functionality that your brand needs to see an uptick in sales. With our custom website development services, you will get access to a custom website developer who will take the time to get to know what your exact business needs are and build a website that can deliver on all of those pain points. 

Custom web development

Custom web development also means that you won’t get any extra bits or features thrown in that you don’t actually need, and could be charged for. Surplus functionality may look cool at first, but if your business doesn’t use it, it’s just taking up space on your website. We can produce websites that are visual treats showcasing your services, but can also offer custom ecommerce website development services to create online stores that are impressively secure and intuitive with functions to upsell and cross-sell to maximise your profits. 

Custom e-commerce

Custom eccomerce website development services can give your brand the edge over your competitors. Clunky websites can send customers to a competitor out of frustration - even if the products are great, so you want your customers to enjoy visiting your eccomerce site and take advantage of its reliable functionality. After all, when we enjoy our time on an eccomerce store, we spend more time on it and are more likely to spend more. 

If you’re after a unique website that is truly your own and built from scratch with your business goals in mind – then you should invest in custom website development services from a custom website development company – like ours! We are specialists in creating everything you need that will grow with your business in a platform that you can rely on now and in the future. 

If this is your first time building a website, you’ve probably got a few questions.


When considering taking your business online to reach more customers with the services you provide, you will need a website. It is as simple as that. Customers need somewhere to go to visit your online store, and without a fully functional website, there could be some customer concern about the legitimacy of your store if you do not hold some online real estate to home your business. It takes a fair bit for a user to purchase products or services online, or take the action that you want them to, as non-face-to-face transactions are naturally less trustworthy. You want to make sure that your business is as legitimate as possible, and that you let your potential customers find you easily and complete the action that you wish them to take. Chalk n’ Cheese’s experienced developers can assist you every step of the way when building a bespoke website design NZ just for you and your business needs.

Web development for agencies can refer to anything from creating a single plain text webpage to develop a complex website or social network. It is the technical building side of a web digital auckland which makes sure that it actually works, whereas the design side focuses on how the website looks.

In a nutshell:

Website Development: Refers to the work that goes into building a website from the ground up. They often take a website design NZ cost and then make it functional so when you click something, you end up in the right place. Web development tasks include server-side scripting, client-side scripting, network, and server security configuration, E-commerce development, and (CMS) content management system development.

Website Design: Designers use creative design programs such as Adobe Photoshop to create all the visual elements of a website including layouts, logos, colour schemes etc.

The experienced team at Chalk n’ Chese specialise in the beginning-to-end production of impressive websites. We have a programmer, developer, and designer for every step you need for a complete product. We break down some more of the developmental areas for complete transparency, so you know exactly what we are talking about and working on at every step.

Front-end development:

Front-end developers work with customers or the user-facing side of programs, websites, and software. They small business website design and develop visual aspects from the navigation, layouts, graphics, and other important aesthetics. The developers also work on user interfaces, determining exactly what the customer will be seeing and interacting with at their end.

Backend development:

Backend development focuses on the server-side of the website and as previously mentioned, works hand in hand with front end development. The developers will work on system coding, servers, APIs, operating systems, and databases. They manage the code for content, security, and site structure. These back end magicians make sure that your website works the way it should.

Desktop development:

Desktop development is the area where developers specialise in creating software that works on desktop devices such as OS, Windows, Mac, and more.

Mobile development:

Mobile development works closely with desktop development to create a site that functions well across all platforms. This part makes sure that your website can be viewed by the huge number of users visiting websites via their smartphones.

Embedded development:

Embedded development works with all hardware that is not a computer. It includes consumer devices, electronic interfaces, IoT devices, real-time systems, and much more. With the rise of IoT and connected devices, this developer skill has also become the in-demand service right now.

E-commerce development:

If the website application is an online store that sells products or services, then its development is likely to be referred to as an E-commerce site. This type of application development process is quite complicated due to the need to get the various payment capabilities functioning correctly. The last thing you want is your customers facing complications when trying to actually buy your products or services. The lack of a robust e-commerce platform can result in loss of sales and a reduction of trust in your small business web designs auckland.

The developers must also create a well-structured management panel for the administrator to use for listing new products, updating them, deleting entries, and managing applications as well.

Choosing the right website development Auckland company is about making sure your business is meeting every opportunity with an open door. While costing varies somewhat across the website builders Auckland has to offer, at Chalk n’ Cheese our ethos is about making sure you are only paying for the functionality that you need. Our pricing structure is customised, so when your business engages with our web development Auckland office for the first time we like to draw you up a pricing plan that really pinpoints the services that are actually going to work for you. Along with our amazing design and build team, we also have you covered when it comes to SEO copy. Having access to professional SEO copywriters means that when we price your web development job we are including everything that’s involved, and we don’t just get your website live, we also make sure it’s actually visible! If you want a fair price for a great job choosing the Chalk n’ Cheese website development Auckland team is a no-brainer, our pricing is specific, transparent, and translates to increased profitability.

To find out exactly how much you could expect to pay for website development services, contact one of our expert team at Chalk n’ Cheese for a commitment-free consultation.

It’s time to get your business online and thriving!

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Our team of Website Development experts have Developed hundreds of website. We specialise in tailoring campaigns to support your business goals within the wider marketing framework, and will work closely with you each step of the process. We create powerful Website Development strategies that will generate results. Enhance your marketing strategy by appearing in front of the people who actually want to know about your business. Find them today with our help!