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Shopify is the world leader in online selling, with easy-to-use functionality and a whopping 100,000 users worldwide - you are in safe company when choosing to put your business onto the Shopify platform! If you want to be in the business of selling online goods or digital services, choose our Shopify website developers to get your e-commerce business up and running without a hitch. They do all the designing, optimising and mental heavy lifting that goes into building the perfect Shopify design for you - so that you don’t have to!

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why choose us as your shopify developer.

Even though Shopify does boast a fantastically user-friendly design tool, you still need to understand why and how the options and strategies work – or don’t work, when it comes to utilising the right set of Shopify apps and features on offer for your particular business. Every business is different, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ magical solution – even on Shopify. You may think your business is doing great on Shopify, but the truth is, it could be doing EVEN BETTER.

A professional Shopify developer who is versed in creating Shopify accounts for many different industries knows the ins and outs of the program and what it can offer, bespoke to different markets, business sizes and financial goals. Having so many options on Shopify can lead you down some rabbit holes that aren’t applicable to your particular business’s bottom line growth which wastes time and potential earnings. A developer can help guide you through the right pathways and optimise every sale you are after by using the right tools. Simple as that. And again, this is so you don’t have to waste valuable time learning to use a brilliant online tool when there is a developer ready to do it all for you!


3 main reasons why we like shopify

ease of use

The Shopify platform is built for online retail. Once we are done with the custom stuff, the back end is easy for our customers to manage themselves.

big traffic spikes

Being hosted on the Shopify platform, it means that the platform can handle sudden jumps in traffic which work really well for promo campaigns.

integrates well

The Shopify platform integrates well with Facebook, Instagram, Google and Trademe which are New Zealand largest online trading platforms.

a few things we can customise

product landing pages

Want to move to add to cart button, want to add a video to your page, how about adding some FAQs. We can help with all of these. Click here to check out our work.

collection landing pages

Want to leverage your collection pages to better capture customers and rank on Google. Videos, custom content, we can add it all. Click here to see our work.

email automation

Abandoned cart emails, mailchimp automation, promo blasts, customer journey email. We can help, talk to our team about the best automated email options for you.

custom cart funtionalities

Custom shipping calculators, easy quick add to cart buttons, we can also help with those.

shopify seo optimisation

Shopify does not generally allow for a lot of content on it’s product pages and without content it is hard to rank on Google. Well we’ve got a solution to your problems.

custom subscriptions

You’re wanting to increase the lifetime value of your customers by getting them to buy your products regularly, talk to us about how to achieve this.

World's biggest online cms platform

Why develop in Shopify?

Shopify is the go-to trusted platform everyone is using to sell their online goods and services – and we mean everyone! 100,000 online businesses worldwide are pouring their goods into the platform ready to be sold across multiple different online avenues to connect with millions of potential customers every day! Between 2016-2019 alone, Shopify generated $319 BILLION in sales for its clients – we’d say that’s a club you’d like to be a part of, no?

A Shopify account allows you to market to and sell your digital or physical products via websites, Facebook, Instagram and multiple other marketplaces without it being a navigation pain for your customers. They don’t have to link to a link that links to yet another link where they can finally buy your product – not with Shopify. The intelligent and innovative shopping solution makes it easy for customers to part with their cash with minimal effort on their part – which makes for easy sales! Our Shopify Website experts know how to turn your potential earnings into actual earnings by utilising this handy little tool gifted to the world by Shopify’s platform.

While Shopify is very popular for its functionality, it’s also incredibly popular for its visually appealing and innovative designs! With a Shopify expert at hand to help – you can really put your personal stamp on your shop’s appearance! Even though your payment page lives under the Shopify umbrella, it looks like your brand, talks in your voice, and delivers to your consumers the professional and reliable service that you want them to have!

a few features of shopify.


This is your first time building an online store, then you've probably asked yourself these questions about a shopify developer.

Well you can, and you can also build a house if you put enough time and effort into it. Our Shopify developers have been working with the Shopify platform for over 5 years and know it inside out. We will be able to guide you in terms of the best way of designing your site and also the best functions available to make your site successful.

Yes we surely can! Our developers are proficient in “liquid” which is the coding language used to build Shopify stores.

Yes it does, all your products can sync with Facebook’s shopify saving you time to upload them.

Yes it does, After Pay is a great way of increasing basket size for your store.

Don't Be Shy, talk to us about growing your business with Shopify.

Once you’ve decided that Shopify is the way you want to go with your business (and we have to agree, it’s a fantastic move!), the next step is to contact one of our dedicated team to discuss all of your requirements! Tell us what you want, what you don’t want, and we can fill in the gaps and help you learn more about any other options which may perfect for your particular model. No two businesses are the same, so each individual stage of Shopify development gets its own special treatment from our experienced team! You get the final say and we make sure it all works for you the way that it should! Take charge of your customer’s shopping experience today and get in touch with a Shopify expert you know you can rely on today!

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Jana Hands
Jana Hands
Highly recommend, great communication and they are always there when I need help! Love my website they designed for me, easy to use and beautifully designed.
Sarah Yates
Sarah Yates
Have been our website provider for years. Excellent people to deal with and very prompt. Highly recommend
Darren Paewai
Darren Paewai
Awesome company to work with especially Conrad. He's a top man!
siyin qian
siyin qian
fast response, reasonable price. friendly team. efficient marketing service
We had a site designed by Chalk n Cheese in late 2022. They were easy and accomodating to deal with. We couldn't be happier with the result and have had lots of positive comments from our friends and clients alike.
Vanessa Jenkins
Vanessa Jenkins
Great website design company. I was very pleased with everything and the communication was great. Highly recommend!!
Martin Rotteveel
Martin Rotteveel
I have worked with the team from Chalk n Cheese for 4 months now and have held off writing a review to ascertain consistency in service and the difference their work has made to our business. We have spent millions over the years in website development but especially on Google Adwords and Social Media. The difference the team at Chalk n Cheese have made to our business so far has been very noticeable and we are so pleased we made the change and put our business in their capable hands. Chalk n Cheese is focused on solutions and a breath of fresh air compared to previous providers. Communication with the team is seamless, speedy and results driven. I could go on but I'd like to say I am grateful working with a team of this calibre of professionalism. Feel free to call me for a reference on 021506789.
Lou Fisher
Lou Fisher
These guys where amazing to deal with! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a awesome website 👌 Fast replying!..which is a huge thing for me, as I needed it done asap.
Crawford Dickson
Crawford Dickson
i am a novice at on line selling, even setting up a page was well to say the least daunting. The staff at chalk n cheese ,right from the very start, took amazing care and guidance in developing the web site making sure i was happy with the content and the finished product. To any one starting out ,or a refresh to an existing site you will not regret contacting chalk n cheese. With on going support thank you to every one who made this a reality.
Stacey Grant
Stacey Grant
Helpful service, fast replies and friendly staff! Can’t ask for any better