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a digital marketing agency auckland with a bottomline focus.

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clicks, comments, shares & likes don't pay the bills!

While being the best country in the world for small businesses, New Zealand is inundated with digital marketing agencies and all of them would probably say that they are your best option. Well we’re pretty good at this digital marketing thing, some of us have been doing it for over a decade. We do recognise that there is always a marketer out there running a better campaign than us, building a better website that we are or just flat out better than we are in general. One of our core points of difference is that we keep learning! 

You’ve probably heard the saying “likes don’t pay the bills” – well that is somewhat true. Likes are a great way of growing your audience on social media and hopefully that audience will see your next promo or past work and buy from you.

While our agency provides a suite of digital marketing services such as: Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Shopping Ads, SEO, Social Media Ads, Website Design, Website Development & Email Marketing – these digital marketing channels are only a means to an end! The real bread and butter of digital marketing lies in being able to use those channels to generate sales and inquiries.

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Our offices are on the North Shore in Auckland – let’s be honest why would you work anywhere else. We drink plenty of wine, we go out for lunches every Friday and never take anything too seriously. Most of all we like what we do and we aim to be the best!


If this is your first time considering a digital marketing agency auckland then these questions are probably floating through your mind.
  1. Not listening to the business owner or taking the time to understand your business. You know your customers and you know what they want. A brand can not survive without a sales approach that targets the right interests of the right people, so we work together to come up with the best plan for your particular audience base and the goals you want to achieve.
  2. Starting and stopping is not optimal in digital. A steady pace, regular online interactions, and contributing to all the online platforms simultaneously is the way forward to gaining regular customers and regular income.

Well that’s a hard one to answer, you could be an undercover marketing genius! In most cases though, the logical thought would be that using professionals to get your business online allows you to compete with rival companies online, because you better believe they are hiring digital agencies to get ahead of the game. While most people know how to navigate the internet, kind of, letting specialists optimise your business instead of wasting time and effort on something we can make easy, and actually work, for you!

Time is money and we’ve probably already run a successful campaign in your industry. As a digital marketing agency we know what works. There is a ton of technical jargon, expertise, and know-how of the online stratosphere that isn’t worth the headache when we can be that partner for you. We know how to lift your business, be passionate about your wins, and to boost your sales figures which ultimately is the goal, right?

With the introduction of the online market, businesses became cut throat. It truly is survival of the fittest, and in this case, the survival of the most up-to-date. You no longer just have to be a friendly face at the storefront, you have to have a functional and engaging online brand that reaches out to the masses. You need to drive impressive results and establish a reliable customer base to be a known player amongst many players.

If you genuinely want to enhance your online standing and generate more revenue for your business, then you need a professional partner you can trust to deliver you smart, economical solutions so that you are ready for worldwide publicity.

We expect every shopper of our services to be savvy and find the best deals for the digital marketing services they are after, we understand that completely. Chalk n’ Cheese appreciates the value of investing in advanced technology, highly-skilled developers, digital marketing specialists, SEO experts, quality programmers, and content creators so that we can serve you exactly what you are looking for.

The risk of choosing the wrong agency means you may risk missing out on your desired online audience and delay growth for your business.

Companies managing their own digital marketing (without experience in doing so professionally) can be akin to doing your own plumbing. You can maybe figure out where the pipes are, if there’s a blockage, and decide that something definitely does need to be done about it, but you probably aren’t that sure on how to fix the problem without causing a big ol’ mess…

Generally, no one advises that you try to fix your own plumbing. So why would they advise you to run your own digital marketing campaigns?

Just like hiring a professional to fix your plumbing, hiring an experienced professional to take care of the digital marketing for your business is the most beneficial way to make sure you are getting the services you need, the results you want, and no messes.

It’s our business to know what the latest changes and updates to digital marketing strategies are, and to utilise them effectively so that our clients don’t become disadvantaged next to their competitors. We take the time to get to know your business and really understand what it needs and what makes it successful so that we can implement those updates and services. We make sure you are getting the best financial returns and customer engagement by knowing what’s trending and measuring your results to make sure it’s all working the way it should, all while keeping your budget in line.

We know not all businesses are giant, money-making mammoths, and sometimes digital marketing services may appear to be too much for what you require. By hiring a professional digital marketing agency, like Chalk n’ Cheese, you get an honest perspective on what your budget can achieve and how to get the best out of your investment to boost your sales. Every business, no matter the size, benefits from online digital marketing. There’s no ifs and buts about that.

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