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Breaking into the digital marketing industry in new zealand can be a bit of a catch 22. you can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job. here, at chalk n’ cheese, we have different ideas. We believe that while you need a natural flair for a digital marketing job, you don’t necessarily need a degree in marketing, or hey, even a lot of experience. chalk n’ cheese is here for the people. we’re all about bringing new, fresh ideas and creative solutions to the table to better our clients’ businesses without being shackled to the confines of the graduate’s rulebook. the proof is in the pudding; our clients love our work – and we value our staff.

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Frequently asked questions

the stuff you might want to know before applying for a job with us

hey, cnc, do you need a degree in digital marketing to apply for your roles?

Nope. Although some roles do require some insider knowledge or experience, not all of the career spots do. While we don’t stick our noses up at digital marketing graduates, we are open to applicants from all walks of experience. our senior staff is proud to mentor junior colleagues who learn on the job to get a head start in the industry, and we create new and more specific roles around the right people. hard work pays off – always.

what is needed to become a digital marketing manager?

That’s a loaded question, since a digital marketing manager can be thousands of things – depending on the needs of the company. our role opportunities are all broken down into specialties, and those roles are expected to pick up new skills as we grow. this creates a dynamic, bespoke working environment where everyone is benefitting personally and in their skillset. any managerial role or customer-facing role needs to be personable, confident, honest, and a great team player.

what media platforms do I need to be familiar with to "make it" in digital marketing jobs?

another loaded question, since all new zealand digital marketing companies work a little differently. we recommend that you have a good knowledge or familiarity with media platforms like facebook, google, instagram, twitter, snapchat, linkedin, even tik tok if you’ve got a bit of energy to burn. since we live in a pretty digital world, some of these will already be second nature to you. the rest of it you’ll learn on the job.

what kind of new zealand clients do you work with?

we work with everybody, and when we say everybody, we mean it. we cover businesses from every industry imaginable, from charities to home furniture to adult stores. buckle up, it’s a fun ride and two days are never the same. we work with clients both in auckland and further afield in other parts of new zealand (isn’t zoom fantastic?).

what kind of digital marketing roles exist in auckland?

digital marketing is a business like any other. it doesn’t matter if you’re working in auckland or bangkok – there are jobs ranging across the board for a wide spectrum of talents and responsibilities. if you love creative solutions and helping businesses thrive – then your search for the perfect job might be over. marketing probably has a career for you.

Account managers take care of the client accounts and have to be great with people and communications, organised and awesome team players. creatives can include designers that need a steady hand on adobe photoshop, canva, editing software and have an eye for website and advertisement design. in contrast, copywriters or content writers need to have a way with words to persuade, inform and capture an audience across every medium of writing. every auckland agency needs a sales team, too, so if you’ve got the gift of the gab and are persuasive (and are a little bit nice) – sales can be a good option. from seo strategy experts to social media gurus, the list of jobs that a digital agency can create really is endless. there are so many jobs in digital marketing that allow you to create great results for your clients and help the whole team succeed, and we all reap the rewards and get a bit sunburnt (especially at the company christmas party – if you know, you know.)

what do you look for when hiring a new digital marketing team member?

as previously mentioned, chalk n’ cheese values its people. we first and foremost look at the talent on the table and the potential for growth, as our business is changing and evolving all the time.  the next thing we look for is personality. we are a small team, so people with great attitudes, fun-loving personalities and a bit of a sense of humour are essential to make our working dynamic zing. what we look for always varies based on the role – but someone who wants to learn, work hard and do everything they can to build something special will always do well in our interviews. we are a close unit, and we’re only looking to hire those who play nice with others.