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our suite of services make a full circle marketing strategy that generates results.


data driven website design & development.

as well as serving as a contact point for your existing customers, a website should also serve as your main acquisition tool to drum up new business. Here at Chalk n Cheese Digital we utilise a data driven strategy and carefully structure our clients’ website to deliver results. 

lead generation marketing strategies.

if you’ve got a service based business, then our digitally led lead generation strategy is for you! We utilise some of the biggest digital channels in the work to drive relevant traffic to your website and work closely with you to generate quality leads.

ecommerce sales marketing strategies.

you’ve got a retail business that has a brick & mortar store and you’re looking to get online, or you’ve already got an online and are looking to increase revenue – then our digital ecommerce strategy is for you! By utilising the power of social media and Google we will work with you to deliver a sales focused ecommerce strategy that works.

why us

coca cola still advertises so should you!

We’re too small of an agency to take on Coca Cola but we hope that one day we become part of that conversation. We’re a small/medium Auckland bases digital marketing agency with ambition to do big things. Digital is what we are good at and because we’re smaller and are also growing as a business we understand that every dollar counts when you’re in growth mode. We don’t just take on any clients, we’re looking for businesses who are looking to grow so that we can grow with them. Like you our measure of success is your business growth, not clicks, impressions, shares and comments.

Our directors strongly believe that if you’re not advertising then you may as well throw in the towel. We understand that there are many aspects of marketing and advertising like direct marketing (flyer drops), telemarketing (those cold calls you get trying to sell you stuff), automated marketing (those automated emails you get) and many more. We don’t do all of them but we specialise in the best channel for the era that we are now in.


If you're on the hunt for an advertising agencies and marketing companies auckland and are considering a few different digital agencies. You're probably asking yourself some of these questions.

If you know you want to sell your products and services online, then internet marketing will 100% improve your ratings and sales. Our dedicated team will advise you to make the certain improvements that are required to put your business in the direction that you want it to go. It may seem like a cost you don’t want to factor in, but to sell efficiently in the online market, it certainly helps to have experts in the online market field at your side.

Our core 3 digital channels are Google, Facebook and Instagram. Those 3 digital channels will cover almost all industries from your restaurant right through to your online retailer and even your building company. Different industries will generate different results from each channel but often we have seen online store do well from a mix of Google Shopping and Facebook ads while the service industry will often benefit from Google Search ads and Facebook Lead Gen ads.

It is the process, or journey, that a customer takes from their initial learning about your product or service to eventually buying that product or service. The ‘funnel’ idea helps you to visualise that journey that they take to get there. There are roughly 5 stages to this funnel – Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty and Advocacy. By continually filling the top of the funnel (the awareness stage), you eventually funnel the right customers down through to a purchase and potentially beyond. Once a customer becomes loyal, and even advocates for your services, you do all you can to keep those customers – they are the goldmine of your business.

We’ve all heard the famous saying “you get what you pay for”., and that saying is very much applicable in the digital marketing world. Not every business is the same and not every industry can be treated the same. So it’s near impossible for us to provide a packaged price for a campaign until we’ve spoken to the client about their goals and business strategy. Take for example an adwords campaign for a plumber in West Auckland where may bid $3 for a click from Google Search ads to their website with 10% of those clicks turning into a phone call versus a similar plumber on the North Shore may have to pay up to $6 per click to their website with a similar conversion rate. Two plumbing companies both in Auckland with one paying $30 per phone call and the other $60 per phone call.

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