Why users should not host their own WordPress site?

Due to being one of the most utilized website content management systems in the world, WordPress is also one of the most at risk when it comes to getting hacked. Keeping the website secure is a combination of using the right trusted plugins, utilizing the correct server provider, having the right server configurations, utilizing the right website building framework, having the right anti virus software and even having the right type of enquiry form on the website. Here at Chalk n Cheese we’ve invested a lot of time and dollars to make sure that our website security is top class so our clients can not have to worry about their website going down or data getting hacked. There is no website out there that is 100% secure, even the stock market got hacked this year. But our WordPress builds are as secure as you’ll get and just in the tiny chance that you do get hacked we have measures in place to get you back up and running within minutes. You wouldn’t service your own car so unless you are a WordPress expert developer you should not be hosting your own website.