Shopify Vs WordPress?
Which one is best?

my biggest reason for recommending Shopify is that if you are wanting to have a retail focused approach then you will have to have a sales and database focused strategy as part of your mix. This means that you will have to periodically run sales ads and also periodically send out email blasts to your database. All Shopify websites are hosted on one big server which allows us to throw 50,000 hits to it 1 day and 100 hits the next day and the website speed will remain the same. The Shopify interface is very easy to use and does not require any updates to the site’s system itself. 
70% of the websites we build are on WordPress so we are also very good at using this platform also. We utilise WordPress to build lead generation sites because WordPress is more cost effective if you have a lot of pages to customize. For WordPress you have to manage the server yourself so having high payload spikes is quite tricky. WordPress is also open source so it is at a higher risk of getting hacked if you are not looking after it properly.
in a nutshell if your business has :
  • lower traffic volumes and is lead generation focused then WordPress is the best option
  • high traffic spikes and is focused on online transactions then Shopify is the best option
a lot of material online will say that WordPress is easier to customise than Shopify but that is because they are looking at it from a DIY perspective. We have customised quite a few Shopify sites and are quite well versed in it.
in regards to design, here’s some of our work so they can compare with what they have been presented with: