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Leverage huge consumer pools and boost your popularity with the impressive power of social media influencers. Influencers are a legitimate way to actively advertise your products or services to an already engaged following who values what the influencer has to say, and the services they promote.

Skip the queue and enter the future of marketing.

What’s in it for you?

Our Influencer Marketing Service

  • Work with verified influencers
  • Access your target market 
  • No hidden costs
  • Hassle-free workflow
  • Maximise effectiveness for marketing campaigns
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Channels that we serve

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Tik Tok

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Our Service

Take advantage of our integrated influencer marketing services

Service 1:

Brand Engagement + Social Media Ads
Enjoy steady growth and awareness of your social profiles with the help of our influencers, whose job it is to create content that organically sparks new audience engagement and generate interest in your brand.
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Service 2:

Conversion Focused + Social Media Ads
It’s not working unless you’re seeing real conversions, and that’s what we specialise in. We create efficient strategic targeting adverts to help content not just entertain and educate but to drive real conversions and sales for your business.
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Service 3:

Brand development - Content strategy
The right influencer can help define and develop your brand voice and personality, helping you to connect and resonate with the right customers for the right industry. With the support of carefully planned ads, your social media profile will be grabbing attention across different platforms for maximum customer coverage and engagement.
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Service 4:

Comprehensive Digital Campaign with influencer
As part of our full digital marketing services, we can build a wrap-around campaign that not only leverages influencers as key content producers. That’s just the start of what we can do for your business. Everything you need, from email marketing and landing pages to video content and Google Ads - our full advertising service is here to make sure you are speaking to your customers consistently for the best results.
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Our Process


Brief your marketing
The first step is figuring out what you want out of your marketing campaign. Do you want engagement with your brand, sign-ups, or sales? Our team devises a plan that will most effectively achieve your goals with tried and tested methods and a little bit of out-of-the-box creativity to suit your specific brand and voice.


Provide product sample for influencers/ agency
The next step is getting influencers on board with the plan. We organise providing your selected product to the influencers in question, or the agency handling the influencers, to collaborate on the content that will be posted to achieve those goals in step 1.


Review and
sign off
The content will be reviewed by you to make sure it is something your brand can be proud of and tweak the method as required. Once you’ve signed off on the influencer content - it’s time to post and watch the measurable results come on in.

influencer marketing 

Why do you need an influencer marketing agency?

  • Easy access and match with the right influencers for your marketing solution
  • Managed workflow with nothing forgotten
  • Produce effective media content with barely any extra effort on your part
  • Take advantage of the experience from current advertising practices and trends that are working
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Why choose Chalk N Cheese?

Full Digital Marketing

While our agency provides a suite of digital marketing services such as: Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Shopping Ads, SEO, Social Media Ads, Website Design, Website Development & Email Marketing

Performance Tracking

We can track every single conversion from any platforms to make sure that we’re doing is working. It means we can prove that our campaigns are making a difference to your brand.


If signing onto a long contract sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard to you, then we have a solution. We offer flexible short and long term contracts to suit your needs, and a 3-month trial to deliver the leads that your business deserves


We take accountability very seriously and refuse to drop the blame on someone else’s head if something doesn’t go right. Honesty is the best policy, and we promise to be your go-to team that you know you can trust while managing your services.

It’s time to utilise the power of influencers.
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Jana Hands
Jana Hands
Highly recommend, great communication and they are always there when I need help! Love my website they designed for me, easy to use and beautifully designed.
Sarah Yates
Sarah Yates
Have been our website provider for years. Excellent people to deal with and very prompt. Highly recommend
Darren Paewai
Darren Paewai
Awesome company to work with especially Conrad. He's a top man!
siyin qian
siyin qian
fast response, reasonable price. friendly team. efficient marketing service
We had a site designed by Chalk n Cheese in late 2022. They were easy and accomodating to deal with. We couldn't be happier with the result and have had lots of positive comments from our friends and clients alike.
Vanessa Jenkins
Vanessa Jenkins
Great website design company. I was very pleased with everything and the communication was great. Highly recommend!!
Martin Rotteveel
Martin Rotteveel
I have worked with the team from Chalk n Cheese for 4 months now and have held off writing a review to ascertain consistency in service and the difference their work has made to our business. We have spent millions over the years in website development but especially on Google Adwords and Social Media. The difference the team at Chalk n Cheese have made to our business so far has been very noticeable and we are so pleased we made the change and put our business in their capable hands. Chalk n Cheese is focused on solutions and a breath of fresh air compared to previous providers. Communication with the team is seamless, speedy and results driven. I could go on but I'd like to say I am grateful working with a team of this calibre of professionalism. Feel free to call me for a reference on 021506789.
Lou Fisher
Lou Fisher
These guys where amazing to deal with! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a awesome website 👌 Fast replying!..which is a huge thing for me, as I needed it done asap.
Crawford Dickson
Crawford Dickson
i am a novice at on line selling, even setting up a page was well to say the least daunting. The staff at chalk n cheese ,right from the very start, took amazing care and guidance in developing the web site making sure i was happy with the content and the finished product. To any one starting out ,or a refresh to an existing site you will not regret contacting chalk n cheese. With on going support thank you to every one who made this a reality.
Stacey Grant
Stacey Grant
Helpful service, fast replies and friendly staff! Can’t ask for any better