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With over 200 WordPress specific projects under their belt, it's safe to say that our expert WordPress Developers know the ins and out of the WordPress platform from both a design and functionality perspective. From your order online restaurant plugins to your online courses plugins we worked with them all. Talk to our team today our building customised WordPress solution to turn those visitors into customers.

why choose us as your wordpress development specialist.

Building customised WordPress websites is one of the many services we offer here at Chalk n’ Cheese. Our specialist developers speak the necessary code languages fluently, building your website from the ground up to suit your business’s individual needs. We offer flexible websites that deal with all sorts of personalised requirements including search engine optimisation, scalability, e-commerce functionality and much, much more.

You can expect your business website to be tailored exactly to your needs, down the tiniest details! We want your potential customers to stay a little while on your site, so we ensure it is beautifully designed and easy to use. No one likes trying to open broken doors, and the same is true of trying to navigate a website. We make sure your customers don’t come to any dead ends and always find their way to the goal that we have strategically designed for them.


why is wordpress best for lead generation

wordpress development for lead generation.

Custom design function

There is no limitation to developing layouts on WordPress. We could even build your website upside down if you wanted.

Highly customisable form options

We can easily create multiple forms with various workflow to suit different tasks. We can build conditional forms, ecommerce forms and even automated forms.

Highly integrateable

Being an open source platform means that we can custom build integrations between any third party software as long as that software has an api call to allow us to push data to it.

our wordpress development solutions.

WordPress Landing Pages

Online marketing is our speciality, and we can build a WordPress landing page that works hand in hand with your digital marketing campaigns. We construct sites that drive optimal conversions and keep customers on your website for longer than ever before!

WordPress SEO Optimisation

Our team make sure that when customers are searching for services like yours, your business lands at the top of the search engine pages. We use clever SEO strategies and keywords to keep your rating on the search engines high for maximum traffic.

WordPress Management

We strive to make your admin day to day activity a breeze, creating an easy-to-use dashboard so that your administrators can get done what they need to without getting lost in a maze of jargon or code. We also add reliability and security to your site to make sure your WordPress website is always watertight!

WordPress Plugins

For all our hosted sites, we take care of all WordPress plugin updates make sure to troubleshoots it all if any potential issues arise from these updates. Our top priority is making sure that no glitches are getting in the way of your leads coming in.

Custom WordPress Website Design and Development

We build you the perfect website for your business from the ground up with robust functionality and eye-catching layouts.

WordPress Optimisation

We want to know how well your website is stacking up against your competitors, and we can measure exactly that with real-time monitoring. We check how everything is performing, every set of the way. Updating a website is a constant job. Leave the headache of staying ahead of the curve to us!


if this is your first time considering a website cms platform then you've probably thought of these questions.

Yes all WordPress sites are mobile responsive but you do have to customise quite a few aspects of the site to make sure that it responds well to all devices.

In terms of bang for buck WordPress provides one of the most affordable web development solutions in the marketplace. Do bear in mind though that WordPress is highly customisable so the more you customise the more it will cost you.

WordPress is an open source content management system. That means that us WordPress developer can create custom functionality which can in turn be fairly easily managed by the client. 

Yes over the years, our developers have worked on many various website platform and we are always trying new ones. WordPress has multiple SEO optimisation plugins which makes ranking for keywords better.

Logistically anything on the web can get hack and yes with WordPress being an open source platform there is a risk of the website getting hacked but there is a risk of all platforms getting hacked. Here at Chalk n Cheese we take our website security very seriously and utilise various tools to reduce the risk of your website getting hacked.

Don't Be Shy, talk to us about getting your wordpress website sorted!

Our team of WordPress Design experts have created hundreds of website’s. We specialise in tailoring campaigns to support your business goals within the wider marketing framework, and will work closely with you each step of the process. We create powerful WordPress Design strategies that will generate results. Enhance your marketing strategy by appearing in front of the people who actually want to know about your business. Find them today with our help!